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General Incorporated Foundation Asian International Support Association [Introduction]

Japan has gone through numerous natural disasters in the past. Most noticeable is the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. Every time we faced a disaster, after a period of hardship, we overcame it. We know it is important to always be prepared for another natural disaster even though we live peacefully in the country with leading economy, technology, and cultural richness.
Looking at the rest of the world, we notice that there are many nations suffering from not only natural disasters but also from vicious crimes and international and domestic conflicts. We believe we could contribute to the world by sharing information and technologies that we have about disaster prevention and reduction, relief and reconstruction during and after the disasters.
The founder of this foundation has been in the business of disaster prevention by making goods and developing technologies as well as distributing them. He has conducted research and study about expanding the distribution to cities in Asia.
Supporters from different countries have gathered, and today, we have decided to establish a new general incorporated foundation to show our commitment to achieve our goal: to contribute to the world by being a part of the disaster prevention support system.
We will expand our network through our work in order to reach more people and societies who need our support. And by doing so we hope that our foundation would gain their trust.
We sincerely thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Name of Foundation General Incorporated Foundation Asian International Support Association
Address 2-1-4 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 101-0021
Phone number 03-5256-5667
Fax number 03-6206-4783
Mail address
Founder Ichiaki Kanazu, President, Kagaya Sangyo Co, Ltd
Primary Activities Distribution of disaster relief goods to Asian and other countries.
Provide information and technology regarding disaster prevention and reduction.

Directors / Board of Trustees

Representative director Ichiaki Kanazu (Representative director, Kagaya Sangyo Co, Ltd)
Director Kiichi Ito (Representative director, K-Tec Engineering, Inc.)
Director Min Swe Thet (Managing Director, Myanmar Business Central Corporation)
Auditor Akihiro Tsunokawa (Representative director, 角川流通倉庫株式会社)
Trustee Satoru Hasumi (Managing Director, Kagaya Sangyo Co, Ltd)
Trustee Koichi Koishi (Attorney at law, 梓川総合法律事務所)
Trustee Tsutomu Okubo (Representative director/President, ほけんの相談オフィス株式会社)


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